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Female auto mechanic

This week, we look at the "Toolbelt Generation" and the national conversation around the value of traditional college and the rise in construction trade enrollment. We also cover statehouse news in Missouri and Kansas.

School Board Election Box

This week, we report on school board election results, which heavily favored incumbents and union-endorsed candidates. We also cover the latest news in Missouri and Kansas.

Teens on smart phones

This week, we highlight the new book by Jonathan Haidt that examines how smartphones and social media use are causing an epidemic of mental illness for American children. We also have updates from the Missouri and Kansas Legislatures.

earn as you learn

This week, we highlight an exciting new apprenticeship opportunity for prospective teachers in Kansas, as well as cover legislative happenings in Kansas - Missouri was off for the week.

School bus depicting the SB 727 education omnibus

This week, we report on an education omnibus that increases a school choice scholarship program from $50 to $75 million. We also cover all the legislative happenings in Missouri and Kansas.

Notecards depict a phonics-based approach to literacy.

This week, we report on a literacy update presented to the Missouri State Board of Education at its monthly meeting. We also cover legislative happenings in Missouri and Kansas and profile an exciting real-world learning program provided by one of our Aligned board members.

22 results
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