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Rep. Shields stands with Garrett Webb

This week at the Missouri State Capitol, Representative Brenda Shields, a longtime champion of early education and former business leader, led a coalition of nearly a dozen respected statewide organizations to present HB 1486, which would remove the cap on Pre-K funding for 4-year-olds and expand a...

Dictionary definition of the word "contempt"

In yet another tumultuous week within the Missouri Senate, dysfunction reigned supreme as members of the newly formed Freedom Caucus clashed with Senate leaders over the Republican caucus's priority of initiative petition reform. The Senate floor witnessed fiery exchanges, a historic motion, and a...

Babies dresses as businessmen do finance work

Good things happen when business and education align. We started 2024 with possibly the best example of the power of alignment. The House Workforce and Infrastructure Committee heard HB 1488 this week. This bill creates three tax credit programs totaling $60 million that childcare providers and...

Students stand upside down on stack of books.

As we prepared to publish our first newsletter of 2024, an interesting update regarding education policy landed in our inboxes before we pressed send. Late Friday, the Missouri House posted a notification announcing the formation of a new committee: the House Special Committee on Education Reform.

22 results
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